James Christopher JC Moore 

*23 Jan 1892 - †22 Apr 1968


a) J.C. Moore ran a provisions business at 36-7 Michael St. Waterford City.
Was involved with Knights of Columbanus & Waterford Chamber in his earlier years.
Was also a shareholder in Waterford Soccer Club.
Died in St. Joseph's Manor Hill

b) Mary Catherine Murphy is mother of: Kathleen Esther Moore (*1917), Margaret Sheila Moore (*1919), James Austin Moore (*1922) and Dominic Vincent Moore (*1923)

Birth: 1)
Baptism: 3)
Wedding: 4)
Death: 5)


1) Notice the birth date is app a month after baptism.

2) Married in Trinity Without, address given as Thomas Hill, Best Man George Pussan, like JC worked in a Legal office,

3) Godparents: James Clancy, Helen Rockett
Ceremony took place in Trinity Without (Balybricken)
Address given as The Glen

4) Ceremony in Trinity Without (Ballybricken)
Wedding Witnesses were J. C's children James Austin and Kathleen

5) Funeral to Ballygunner 24th April 1968