This site has come about as a result of an email from my brother looking for a photo,

for my late father Dominic's first-cousin Con Power ironic!


          I then started to think about family, as in "not Frank"

This journey began end of March-April 2014. In the main it will be the deceased that are remembered here. Though I have put an entry for our own children, which they can add to as and when.

         I hope that the Names of those mentioned may be enough to keep them alive in the minds if not the hearts, of those who fall over this piece of time and space. If someone is not mentioned, it's ignorance, more knowledge may be required for some that are.


Going by my 8 great-grandparents alone

3 from Co. Limerick

1 born Co. Tipperary, to a Limerick family.

2 from Co. Waterford, one with a Co. Kilkenny mother.

1 from Co. Kilkenny

1 from England (Portsea Island), to Irish parents, or so it seems.

Dad always said we were more Limerick than Waterford!

Regards, Frank (Francis James Murphy) 2014 If you find any errors, please use the contact on bottom of the pages

If you see ??, against Name, it means either I don't know the date, or do know the date, but choose to wait until I receive a cert from the GRO.....if available I hope to fix external links using target="_new". On the "to do" list. Like a lot more in this brief timespan called life. Will do my best to update the site at some stage, I could say tomorrow...but that never comes.