Catherine Power 

*4 Jul 1895 - †4 Sep 1979


a) My Dad (Dominic b.1930) always told me she was a tough cookie, Kathleen Murphy as she was known lived at 39 Barrack Street, Waterford City, for most of her married life.
To quote one of her neighbours children Jerry McCarthy (his family 37 Barrack St.) "I was too young to remember the Murphys Frank but my older sisters remember them well. They always said they were lovely people. My father got injured in work and to make ends meet my mother opened a vegetable shop in the front room. Mrs Murphy came down to my mother and said. Molly we wont sell vegetables now to give you a chance. You have a young family to raise. Imagine that happening today and to think most people had very little in those days but one thing they had was common decency"

b) Out of deference to my late fathers 1st cousin and nephew to my Grandmother. I will leave the "Power" family genealogy to Con Power. At and as such time it comes on-line, a link will be provided.

Birth: 1)
Wedding: 2)
Death: 3)


1) Civil Cert certified 1950.

2) Married in Trinity Without
Best Man: Dominic Murphy, MaidMatron of Honour: Helen Fanning

3) Inquest held 13th December 1979.