Mary Corbett 

*10 Aug 1929 - †5 Jun 1980


    a) Religion: Catholic

    Wedding: 1)
    Death: 2)
    Funeral: 3)


    1) They got married in the old church at Caherline,
    which was replaced by what my Dad called a soulless shell.

    2) It was a return on the cancer she had in 1966/7. She got an extra 13yrs, originally diagnosed on first examination (1980) as kidney infection, three days sent to hospital. Dead less than a week after.

    3) I remember the late Sr. Pious as Mum always called her, despite going to school together.(Nurse Louie Ryan) as she had left the order, giving me a hug at the door of The Holy Family, freaked the bejeepers out of me. Wasn't used to non-family hugs.
    Headstone in Caherelly
    I think Frank English was there too, honestly can't remember, though his brother Michael was at the graveside.